Mechatronics and Instrumentation Laboratory
Indian Institute of Technology Indore (I.I.T Indore)

Discipline of Mechanical Engineering

Dr. I.A. Palani,

Associate Professor, 

Mechatronics and Instrumentation Lab, 

Discipline Of Mechanical Engineering,


Dean Research and Development

Indian Institute of Technology Indore(IITI)

Education qualification

  • Ph.D  from Precision Engineering lab, Department of Mechanical Engineering, IIT Madras ( 2006-2010)
  • M.E. in Manufacturing Engineering from A.C.College of Engineering, Anna Univeristy (2004-2006)          (Passed in Distinction )
  • B.E in Production Engineering from Sathyabama Engineering college, Univeristy of Madras(2000-2004)               (Passed in Distinction and University Rank holder)

Professional Experience 

Associate Professor 
 Discipline of Mechanical Engineering, 
IIT Indore
 September 2016-till date 
 Assistant Professor 
 Discipline of Mechanical Engineering,      IIT Indore
 Jan 2012- September 2016
 Post Doctoral Research scientist
 Graduate School of Information Science and Elecrical Engineering, 
Kyushu University, Fukuoka, Japan
 September 2010- December 2011
 Kyushu Univeristy, IIT Madras Exchange Research Fellow
  Graduate School of Information Science and Elecrical Engineering, 
Kyushu University, Fukuoka, Japan

 June 2008- June 2009

Research Expertise

  • Smart Materials and Structures 
  • Shape memory alloy
  • Laser assisted Surface processing 
  • Laser based micro-manufacturing 
  • Mechatronics system design 
  • optical Instrumentation

Administrative Responsibilities 

  • Dean Research and Development, IIT Indore, February 2020- till date 
  • Head of the Discipline Mechanical Engineering, IIT Indore September 2018-Feb 2020
  • IIT Indore Alumni Coordinator- 2013-2017
  • Head of Metallurgy Engineering and Material Science - March 2014- September 2018
  • M.Tech Program Coordinator- 2012- 2017
  • RRCAT unit of DAE Member for Ph.D admissions and PG research evaluation
  • Broad of Governors Member, IIT Indore from 2017-2019
  • Board of Governors Member, Symbiosis University of Applied Sciences, Indore 

Sponsored and consultancy projects 

 Project title
 Funding agency & total fund sanctioned ( year)
 Principal Investigator
 Co Investigators and other patnering institutes
Developemnt of thick and thin NiTi shape memory alloy porous structures using laser and wire arc additve manufatcuring 
 96,00,000 INR 
Russian Science Foundation and Department of Science and Technology Russian Science Foundation and Department of Science and Technology (DST:RSF)
 Dr. I.A. Palani
  2019-2022         ( 3 years)
 Design and Development of Laser peening  and Nitriding of Automotive components 
  5,00,000 INR,                WABCO india Ltd 
  2019( 6 months)
  Laser forming of Engine cabinets 
  2,00,000 INR                    John Deere Ltd 
  2019       ( 2 months)

 Design and development of Laser Decal Transfer based Micro 3D Printer for printing micro devices
Department of Science and Technology, Technology Development board, Advance Manufacturing technolgy, 45,00,000 INR
 Dr.Vipul Singh, IIT Indore 
  2018-2020 ( 2 years)
  Design and Developemnt NiTi SMA beltdrive and theri application towards eenergy Harvesting
 Science and Engineering Research board, 47,00,000 INR
  Dr.I.A.Palani (IIT Indore)
  Design and Fabrication of Prestrained Post buckled Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) Composites to Develop Adaptive Flapper for Missiles
  22,00,00 INR , Defence Research Development organization (DRDO), IMRAT
  Dr.I.A.Palani (IIT Indore)
  Dr.Amod Umarikar
(IIT Indore)
2016-2017 (15 months) ( under approval)
  Investigations on Structural and thermomechanical behavior of the Cu- based shape memory alloy bimorphs prepared by laser assisted manufacturing
 DST:DAAD, 8,00,000 INR+15500 Euro
 Dr.I.A.Palani    ( IIT Indore)
Prof.Simon Pauly, IFW DRESEDEN, Germany
  Development of SMA bi-morph belt for deriving waste energy from the automobile engine Development of SMA bi-morph belt for deriving waste energy from the automobile engine
 Uchatar Avishkar Yojana(MHRD)
74,51,000 INR                  ( 19,88,000 from Volvo Eischer)
Dr.I.A.Palani    ( IIT Indore)
  Dr.Devendra Deshmukh ( IIT Indore)
Mr.Shanjay Tiwari     ( Volvo Eischer)
2016-2018     ( 2 years)
 Development of Eco friendly ZnO UV LED 
 4,95,000 INR (DST:JSPS)
  Dr.I.A.Palani (IIT Indore)
 Dr.Vipul Singh (IIT Indore)
Prof.N.J.Vasa(IIT Madras)
Prof.T.Okada( Kyushu University)
Dr.Nakamura(Kyushu University)
 2014-2016( 2 years)
 Development of brake pedal and clutch pedal using high power laser forming
 2,95,000 INR (WABCO India LTD)
 2014-2015  (10 months)
 Promotion of environmental friendly plasma nitriding and nitro carburizing
 98,00,000 INR (DST)
 Dr.S.Kazi(IIT Indore)
Dr.Alphonsa Joseph           ( FCIPT, IPR)
(3 years)
High deposition additive manufatcuring of complex parts
15,00,000 (DST:EPSRC)
 Dr.I.A.Palani (Co-PI)
PI: Prof.Karunakaran (IIT Bombay)
other members 
Dr.Vinoth (CMTI banglore)
Prof.William Stewart          ( Cranfield Univeristiy, U.K)
Prof.Supriyo Ganguly         ( cranfield Univeristy, UK)

  2014-2017   ( 3 years)
 Builiding Capaciative for collobrative reserach in advanced manufacturing
 50,000 Euro ( Newton Bhabha)
 Dr.B.K.Lad (PI)
Dr.I.A.Palani (as one of the member) 
Prof.Bill O Neil ( Cambridge University)
Prof.Ajit ( Cambridge Univeristy)
Industry patners 
Wabco, Micromatic grinding, AIAA Industries
 2016-2018   ( 2 years)
 Centre for Gear Engineering
 2,95,00,000 INR( DST:FIST project)

45,00,000( High power laser approved under this project)
Dr.Anand Parey
( 3 years)

Patents, Publications and Book chapters  

Summary of the Publication
International Journal publciations published till date 
 75 ( with total Impact factor 190)
 Interntaional conference Publications 
 Patents filed 
 Internationational book  chapters 

Professional Expertise 
Reviewer and member of  editorial board:
1) Reviewer- Journal of Material science and engineering B
2) Reviewer-Journal of material letters  
3) Reviewer-Journal of Optics and precision engineering 
4) Reviewer- Journal of Advance Manufacturing technology
5) Editorial board member-Journal of automation and  Robotics technology( Springer)
1) Life Member Indian Laser association 
2)Annual member SPIE
3) Annual member SAE
4) Member institute of Engineers