Mechatronics and Instrumentation Laboratory
Indian Institute of Technology Indore (I.I.T Indore)

Discipline of Mechanical Engineering


BTP Projects for The Academic year 2014-2015

Synthesis and characterization of NiTi Nano particles generated using under water laser ablation technique  for                              Bio-medical application 

Students Involved 

Anirudh VR (B.Tech Final Year student)

Sai Pranesh Rao ( B.Tech final year student)

Akash K ( Ph.D student)

Development of Cu-Zn-Al  Shape memory alloy  based thin film and  micro-porous structures for functional device development 

Dheeraj Kumar Meena (B.Tech final year)

Rajat Chourasia (B.Tech final year)

Akash.K ( Ph.D Research Scholar)

Cu-Zn-Al Micro-porous structures synthesized using Spray pyrolysis

Pratik C.Juikar (B.Tech final year)

Himanshu Kumar (B.Tech final year)

Pradeep Kundu (M.Tech Final Year)

Tameshwaranth (Ph.D Research Scholar)


Dr.Bhupesh.K.Lad, Asst Prof, Dept of Mech Engg, IIT Indore

Development of Shape Memory alloy based micro-Valve for Drug delivery

Alok Kumar  (B.Tech Final year)

Gaurav Raut (B.Tech Final year)

Ritesh Khatri (B.Tech Final year)

Tameshwarnath (Ph.D Research Scholar)

Laser Assisted Shock peening of micro-gears

Laser induced forward transfer of ZnO nano particles for the development of flexible LED's

Laser Rapid Manufatcuring of NiTi Shape memory alloy structures for development of micro-grippers

BTP project for the academic year 2013-2014

Laser assisted micro forming  of thin steel sheets  

The main objective of the project  is to investigate the influence of different parameters for efficient  bending of metallic sheets at varying thickness.  The experiments were performed at varying laser fluence for different thickness. Currently a high power laser based forming methodology has been formulated to develop die less brake pedals and clutches.

Team Members :

Mr. Agnel        M.Tech [IIT Indore]

Mr. Sanidhya  B.Tech final year 

Mr.Padmanbahan ( Wabco India PVT LTD R&D division)

Mr.Swamy (Magood Laser)

Laser Rapid manufacturing of Ni-Ti splines for micro actuator development 

The main Objective of the project is to manufacture Ni Ti Splines using a Novel technique of Laser Rapid manufacturing. The Ni Ti Splines were manufactured at varying composition. The manufactured NiTi splines were characterized using Scanning Electron Microscope and Thermogravimetric analysis to study the influence of composition towards Shape Memory Effect. 

Team Members:

S.Shiva                           [Ph.D Research scholar]

S.Nischay                        [B.Tech(Mechanical). Final Year]

 Dr.C.P.Paul                     [RRCAT Indore]

Development of Ni-Ti shape memory alloy based micro-grippers  and Micro-Valves

The main objective of the project  is to design and manufacture micro-valves and micro-grippers for MEMS based application using Ni Ti SMA sheets

Team Members:

K. Akash                         [Ph.D Research scholar]

Tameshwarnath             [Ph.D Research Scholar]

Raghunandan Singh     [B.Tech(Mechanical). Final Year]

Abhilash Kasliwal          [B.Tech(Mechanical). Final Year]

Kartik Kulkarni               [B.Tech(Mechanical). Final Year]

Laser Induced shot penning of HSS inserts and gear tooth

The main objective of the project is to increase the cutting tool life using a novel localized Laser shot penning technique 

Team Members:

Devashish Thacker [B.Tech (final year)]

Jeet Peshawani       [B.Tech (final year)]

Development of PLC control based Pneumatic Stewart platform for orienting Radio telescopes

Team Members:

Uday Hiwarale, Parth Padwal [Student, final year, Mechanical Engineering]

Dr. S. S. Malu [Assistance Professor, Astrophysics, IIT Indore]